EMM interviews the prodigy Trance Producer 'Cygnus X-1'

EMM interviews the prodigy Trance Producer ‘Cygnus X-1’

Cygnus X-1

is a brain child of Martin Craig from London, who works as a van driver by day and morphs into a futuristic trance genius by night. Started playing guitar at the age of 11, Martin has been a member of several bands playing rock music and blues for over the years. It was only in 2008 that a ‘Craftwork’ concert planted the seed of writing Electronic Music in him. Having signed up with ‘9 Volt Records’ and taking passion as a driving force, by 2009 he Produced and released his debut album ‘DNA’ which gave him the initial needed recognition.

However, it is his latest album ‘The Next Logical Step’ (released in August_ that earned rave reviews and bought him into limelight in the underground trance music scene.

EMM Editor Manalo H. Shah catches up with Cygnus X-1 on a tête-à-tête supper as she traces down his musical journey so far; discovers his future plans and much more! Go here  http://loveyourlistening.com/category/earbuds/

EMM: Your latest uplifting trance album ‘The Next Logical Step’ has been received well
on all major download stores. How was the journey so far?

Cygnus X-1:

It’s been a long and sometimes emotional year trying to balance a full time job along with a family and finding the time to write and produce an album. The support of my wife and family has been paramount. It’s the experiences of life that shape my moods and the music I write at that time. I wanted to write a purely trance album but found myself deviating from the norm because of the many influences I have on electronic music. I actually wrote about thirty tracks for the album and kept which I think are the best ten.

EMM interviews the prodigy Trance Producer 'Cygnus X-1'

EMM: Sure, it has been a long year for you! So tell us, how different is ‘The Next Logical Step’ compared to your previous album ‘DNA’?

Cygnus X-1:

Cygnus X-1: ‘The Next Logical Step’ is definitely a more mature album musically than the previous album. Instead of relying on samples as in the last album, this time I have invested in some fantastic soft synths. Additionally, able to live have greatly improved the sounds I wished to produce, so it all worked out well. As the title of the new album asserts, this has definitely been ‘The Next Logical Step’.

EMM: Besides your album releases, your music is regularly slotted at the popular music station ‘Dandelion Radio’. Also, there are talks about you being involved in the compilation album with the radio station. Tell us more about it!

Cygnus X-1:

At the moment I am receiving a lot of airplay from Andrew Morrison on Dandelion Radio, one of the internet’s most popular radio stations.read more information on Dandelion Readio at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandelion_Radio .Also, I have been asked to record another four tracks for a future session. And it’s true; they wanted me to write a track for a compilation album which Dandelion Radio is producing this surely is an honorable thing. Of course, I am hoping this leads to more airplay on more of the UK and worlds popular

Cygnus X-1:Going by the favorable r

Response they have received from ‘The Next Logical Step’, ‘9 Volt records’ want me to do another album for which I am already writing tracks for. I’m hoping for the next album to be ready around summer 2011, although I’m sure there will be EP and single releases before then. There are also a couple of well-placed DJ’s who are producing tracks with me along with some remixes I am doing for some vocal artists.

Also due to popular demand, it looks like I might have to take ‘The Next Logical Step’ on the road. As I am not a DJ, I can tell you that the show would definitely have a live feel to it. I would love to feature ‘Mojo’, the robot that features on the album cover and named by competition winner Krishna Roy, in a live show.