Bluetooth Earbuds in the Wearable Tech Revolution


Are they Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?


Is it a fad or hot trend? As Bluetooth technology has become more mainstream, manufacturing has become cheaper and Bluetooth products all the craze. It seems like everything is Bluetooth these days; first it was earpieces for talking on phones, then it was keyboards, and now? Earbuds. In all shapes and sizes.

We’re calling it now: we think that Bluetooth earbuds are here to stay. Here’s why:

Customization: Every ear has a story.

Are you around other people? Look at their ear. I know, it’s weird, but just do it. Do you see the shape of their ear? There are more than 10 parts of the outer ear, but that’s not what we’re going to get into. Just like a thumb, every ear has its own unique “print”.

Customization is becoming more and more of a reality when it comes to consumer products. With the invention of 3D printing, companies like NORMAL are making Bluetooth earbuds customized to fit people on site.


The process is simple. They scan your ear, make the 3D printed part, and attach it to the speaker part of the earbud. Since demand is high and supply is low for such high customization, wait times can be a little longer than a lot of consumers are willing to wait for. Further, the cost of customization is still a little high; these earbuds can run as much as $300 each.

Made for the Athlete in You

If you think Bluetooth earbuds were a fad, you might be living under a box. Or maybe you just need to get out more. I bet we can change your mind by showing you this Kickstarter (

The Dash headphones are Bluetooth earbuds that are marketed towards athletes. Not only do they provide amazing sound (they are German engineered), but they can actually hold 1000 songs. Not only that, but they can track athletic performance, and sense your body.

The Kickstarter earned a whopping $3.39 million for the company, and almost 15,998 people pledged to bring the product to life. This was back in January, 2015. Fad? We don’t think so.

A Rising Trend in Search Volume

As if that Kickstarter weren’t enough to convince you, we also pulled some data from Google Trends. Take at this chart from 2006 to 2015 for the search term “Bluetooth earbuds”

Clearly, interest over time for this type of product is on the rise.

The (Very Few) Drawbacks

Earbuds are small. Without wires connecting them, they can of course be easily lost. However, most Bluetooth earbud manufacturers will give you an awesome looking carrier case. Sometimes these cases look even cooler than the Bluetooth earbuds themselves. It adds to the luxury feel that Bluetooth headphones provide

Charging can also be a problem; if you run of out battery and have nowhere to charge, you are out of luck. For longer trips, they might not be recommended, especially if you can’t live without music for more than a few hours.